Our History

Tied Fates was founded by Blue Mackay in 2021. 

When the COVID lockdown hit in 2020, I was stuck miles away from university and the life I had built there, and so much like the rest of the world, I went seeking for a new hobby and found bookbinding. 

I started an Etsy and made little Harry Potter themed books as something fun to get me through my final year at uni. As COVID lockdowns wore on though, I got more and more drawn into the idea of Tied Fates, and at the beginning of 2021 I made my first original design. 

My designs are a mix of the love I have for maximalist design, and the artwork I love creating. 

Our Past

We started with our slim notebooks, and in July 2021 we launched our thick notebooks. 2022 brought mini pocket journals hardbacks, and paper packs!

I learnt my bookbinding skills through YouTube and trial and error; and learnt all of the basics of how to run a business through online webinars and a lot of reading.

Our Present

Right now, Tied Fates is still a small business but is selling internationally. We have had sales to every continent (excluding Antarctica;) ) and are stocked in a handful of shops around the UK and even some in the USA. 

Despite how much I love to use the word ‘we’ it is still just me, working full time to make this dream a reality. 

Our Future

I am continuing on with my ambitious plans, often working 10-14 hour days to make that a reality.

We are slowly expanding our product lines, with 2024 holding plans for wrapping paper, garlands, a big sticker range and more!

I dream of a big studio office with natural light, and to have the shop be succesful enough that I can maybe take a holiday for the first time in years.

Although, however big we grow, I plan to always keep Tied Fates ethical. We will stay handmade, eco-friendly, and as we hire people to the team, ethical work standards will always be met.

So now you know our past, present, and future.

I hope this shows you who Tied Fates is, and gives you a glimpse into the passion I have for what we create. 

Thank you for reading along with the journey!

-Blue :)