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Small Batches

All our items are made in small batches (30 and under). This means minimal excess stock and therefore waste, and no emissions from running large factories or warehouses. 

Local Suppliers

We support our local community and keep emmisons down by finding local suppliers for our raw materials. 


We currently have 0% plastic packaging in our store. We replaced our bubble mailers with cardboard book mailers, and in the future when we restock our supplies, these will become 100% recycled cardboard. 

We include a free enveloped teabag in all of our orders, all of which come in recyclable envelopes. The brands we choose to use all make completely biodegradable teabags.

We custom make our tissue paper, which is completely recycleable.

We seal each box with paper packing tape which is recycleable. 

Our hardback mailers are recycleable and made of paper and grey board.

Our stickers are compostable and have a vegan adhesive.

Our shipping labels are 100% compostable and recyclable.

We are always exploring the available options on the market to keep improving to be the most sustainable we can.

Carbon Offsetting

We use carbon offsetting on all of our deliveries to reduce the carbon footprint of our company as well as to give you a guilt-free experience of online shopping. The amount of CO2 used during shipping is calculated and we pay a certain amount based on how much CO2 is released in the atmosphere. This money goes towards verified deforestation projects. We use the app Shopify Planet to do this.

Sustainable Paper

All of our paper is sustainably sourced. We use a particular certification, but despite us paying extra for the paper, the certification requires us to pay to tell you that we use it. That's stupid, so instead just rest assured that we use the best registered paper.

All of our 160gsm and 250gsm paper is mixed recycled stock. This means it is around half recycled and half virgin fibres in the paper. This ensures that the paper is a great quality, while reducing the amount of virign fibres needed.

Some of our stock, including our greyboard and linen textured paper, are 100% recycled. 

Plastic Free

All thread and ribbon used are free from plastic synthetic fibres, and are 100% cotton. We are aware of the environmental impact of cotton though, and we are doing our research for an alternative. 

Absolutely no plastic tape is used, all tape used in construction and packaging is paper tape. 

Ethical Marketing

We are passionate about not continuing the trend of manipulative marketing that we often see in mainstream media. We market transparently, without guilt trips and stock scaring. 

We have been vetted by The Ethical Move.

Find out more about The Ethical Move here

recycling info

Paperback Notebooks

Simply clip the thread binding and remove it from the paper. The inside paper and cover can go into your paper recyling, and cotton thread in fabric recyling. 

Alternatively both the paper and thread can go into the compost.

Hardback Notebooks

Clip the thread binding. Remove the interior pages which can go into paper recycling. Remove the cover paper from the hard board, the cover can also go in paper recyling. The board goes into cardboard recycling. The metal eyelet and charm can go into your metal recyling. The ribbon and thread go in fabric recyling. 

Alternatively the paper, ribbon, board, and thread can be composted.

Memo Pads

Remove any leftover paper from the hard grey board backing. The paper can go into paper recyling, and the grey board into cardboard recyling. 

Alternatively all paper and board can go into the compost, please remove as much leftover glue as you can first!


The ribbon goes into fabric recycling, the bookmark itself goes into paper recycling. 

Paper Packs

Both the box and the papers themselves can all go into the paper recycling - or be put in the compost